Spot-Banded Butterfly Fish

Cheatodon Punctatofasciatus Spot Banded Butterfly fish

Scientific Name: Chaetodon punctatofasciatus

Family: Chaetodontidae

Size: 12cm

Temperature: 25-28 degrees Celsius

Origin:  From Christmas Island (the Indian Ocean) to the Line Islands in the Pacific

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Aquarium conditions: While the Spot-Banded Butterfly Fish is a very active fish we cannot give them enough space so a large aquarium with lots of open space will suffice, 350 litre tank or more is ideal. These fish will need a few good hiding places to retreat to when threatened. The water conditions need to be kept at: a pH of between 8.1 and 8.4 and the water temperature at 25 to 28 degrees Celsius.

Diet: The Spot-Banded Butterfly Fish is an omnivore and desires quite a variety of foods. They enjoy a diet of shaved frozen seafood, frozen fish eggs, Mysis shrimp and even seaweed. They will also take some store bought marine fish foods (flakes or pellets). These fish eat filamentous algae, stony and soft coral polyps, polychaete worm tentacles and copepods.

 Difficulty to keep: The Spot-Banded Butterfly Fish is quite a hardy fish but is not a good choice for the beginner. These fish do not do well with a lot of stress so before introducing them to your aquarium, you need to make sure they are properly acclimated and have calmed down. Once the fish has been introduced to the tank and has been given a few hours to get used to the tank, you can get a general idea of how well the fish is doing by seeing if it takes food, if so you don’t have anything to worry about.

 Physical description: The Spot-Banded Butterfly Fish has a yellowish-tan overall colour with a yellow back, it has seven dark bars on the body with spots below these bars. It has an orange bar through the eye and an orange patch in front of the tail. This fish will generally reach a length of 12cm in your home aquarium.

 Range: The Spot-Banded Butterfly Fish is found from Christmas Island in the Indian Ocean east to the Line Islands in the Pacific. They often visit lagoon reefs, reef faces and slopes.

 Compatibility: The Spot-Banded Butterfly Fish is a peaceful and loving aquarium fish with a few exceptions. It is best to keep these fish as individuals in your home aquarium, but if you want to keep them in two’s they must be of opposite sex to avoid fighting. The Spot-Banded Butterfly Fish often ignores other fish in its aquarium but will sometimes be bullied by large Dottybacks, Damsels, Anemone Fish, Angel Fish, Surgeon Fish and Triggerfish. To increase the chances of survival of this fish in a tank with other moderately aggressive fish species it is advised that this fish is fully acclimated and integrated into your tank before adding the other fish.

Care considerations: This fish is quite hardy but will not do well in an aquarium full of bullies. The Spot-Banded Butterfly Fish will be quite shy in the aquarium at first but will settle in after a few days. If this fish is harassed in the tank however, it will not eat and will cower in a corner of the tank and will not flourish into the beautiful fish it is.

Breeding: The Spot-Banded Butterfly Fish has no external differences between males and females, and is unlikely to spawn in a home aquarium.