Welcome to the Home of Exotic Marine Fish Importers


It is our mission to give our consumers the breath-taking opportunity to indulge in a piece of the ocean and its marine life. We are a wholesaler of marine fish and we provide our consumers with exotic and quality marine fish.

We create the chance for our consumers to experience an oceanic space to go to and become mesmerized with the uniqueness and true beauty of marine life.

We are also suppliers of marine products and services such a, marine food, a wide variety of marine water conditioners and medication, custom tanks, salt water and reverse osmosis water (RO Purified water), Live coral and more.

We have an elite quarantine section in which our marine fish are quarantined between 7-16 days in order to provide the safest and most caring journey for all our marine fish.

Exotic Marine Fish Importers (pty) Ltd will continue to develop the opportunity for our consumers to ‘Sea Life with Colour’ each and every day.